Favorite Looks Of The Week- A Quickie!

I have been weirdly swamped this week and today has been no exception. I have been reading your posts when I get a chance and checking out your great outfits but I just havent had time to log them and figure out my favorites. I put a call to action on twitter and facebook today to show me your best looks of the week to be favorites and I only had 2 responses, really where is the confidence?!?!

Well lucky for me the two that responded are fab girls and I love their style so their confidence in their looks has made them my favorites of this week and they are killing it!

Congrats for being aware of your fabulousity and brave enough to point it out!

Anika from Sweetfaced Style in her Wet Chocolate Look

and Gabi from Hungry For Fashion in her Still Holding On Look

Work it girls!

Everyone have a great weekend! I’m taking the weekend off!!!!



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7 Responses to “Favorite Looks Of The Week- A Quickie!”

  1. Gabi says:

    Just us to responded?? LOL!! Thx for the feaure sug! Have a fab weekend:)

  2. cid says:

    I love how so many blogger feature each other, it so great to see beautiful fashionable plus size gals! I need to get back to my trends and friends, I been slacking on that post!

  3. Anika says:

    Thanks very much! Only Gaby and I responded? When I saw your post on facebook I thought, can I really suggest my self? As it turned out, I really could! hahhaha. This blogging venture does create lot`s of opportunities for self acceptance, creating a blog, having my pic taken and actually posting it, putting my self out there. It`s hard at times, but so much fun! Featuring other bloggers is a lovely thing and something I also like to do, so thanks again and enjoy a well deserved weekend off! :)

    xx Anika

    • Lips, Hips & FATshion Tips says:

      Gotta believe in yourself enough to take the opportunities thats half the battle and you got it down girly!

  4. QueenDiva says:

    I didn’t even see this call on twitter. I wouldn’t have nominated myself… I would have nominated someone else… oh well… guess I should check my feed more regularly.

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